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The devil in TrierSecrets of the Porta NigraThe Gladiator Valerius
The story...

A centurion – in the splendor of his parade armament – will abduct us into a time when Rome ruled the world – and the Emperor in Trier decided the fate of the Empire. Suddenly the audience is standing in the midst of that eventful time – and not just as passive observers!
In his thrilling, entertaining, and humorous manner, the centurion takes us on an eventful journey back in time. He wrests the many different secrets from the walls of the Porta Nigra: priceless and puzzling, delightful and dismal. Suddenly, all those people come to life who have gone in and out through this gate: Emperor and warrior, bishops and barbarians, those walled up alive, and devilish demons. And little by little, the suspicion arises that not only does the Porta Nigra have a great surprising secret – so does the centurion ...

You will be delighted with this eventful journey through the centuries: sometimes haunting, often pleasurable – and always thrilling.

Script and direction

Alexander Etzel-Ragusa

The role of the centurion (Alternate actors)

Tim Olrik Stöneberg, Markus Friedmann,
Guillaume Karl, Thomas Peters, Isaac Boateng, Viktor Silvester Wendtner

Please Note

We recommend this adventure performance for guests ages 10 and older.

For individual guests this adventure performance is presented only in German and for groups it is also available in English and French.