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The devil in TrierSecrets of the Porta NigraThe Gladiator Valerius
The story...

In the combat arena of the Trier Amphitheater, Valerius shows his visitors the shadowy passageways, cellar, and dungeons and narrates from his everyday life as a gladiator.

The professional script by Dominique Caillat thrillingly portrays the history of the freed slave Valerius, who was blinded by the prospects of fame and fortune and never noticed that there was no turning back from the gladiatorial life.

While he was housed in the gladiatorial school barracks, it was the friendship with Metellus, and arena veteran, that helped the young Valerius to survive all the pressures of gladiatorial life. But then came the great day ...

Script and direction

Script: Dominique Caillat
Direction: Gabriele Mugdan

Performers (Alternate actors)

Klaus-Michael Nix, Tim Olrik Stöneberg, Markus Friedmann, Guillaume Karl, Isaac Boateng

Please Note

We recommend this adventure performance for guests ages 10 and older.

At the moment the adventure performances are presented only in German